Pies I've Spied

A journey through the crust.

Who knew so many likes pies? News of the 2nd Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-off was too much to bear for many pie lovers who resorted to digging into pie with their hands when cutlery, plates and space ran out at Spacecraft in Williamsburg. I got there at 1.45pm (kick off was at 1pm) and the line snaked out the door, down Bedford Ave and around the corner towards another bastion of pies and goodness, Pies ‘n’ Thighs.

Organizers periodically came out to apologize to the horde and politely suggested some might try returning next year as pie was in short supply. We’ll have none of that, thankyou. A few unlucky souls slumped out of the line and up the street, allowing the rest of us to move through at a steady clip. Spacecraft was a bit of a disaster-zone inside with people diving for whatever pie they could carefully balance on a sliver of plastic knife and the three pie judges finding themselves hemmed on all sides by pie-hungry hipsters.

I tried a very nice southern crab and crawfish number studded with smoked cheese, set on a cornbread base. Its maker, a young gent, was trying to drum up support for it and to him I say, thankyou. It was one of the few savory pies there and was intriguing. I don’t have a photo of it - we were herded in and out pretty quickly - but I did manage to snap a pic of the slice of chocolate pecan I slinked away with. Pretty misshapen by the time I’d got to it, it still held on to its rich, bourbon flavor. I think this one may have later been crowned People’s Choice.

It really is pie season over here so stay tuned for some pumpkin-related updates ahead of Thanksgiving. A much vaunted Pumpkin Pie Made With Real Pumpkins is sure to feature.

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